In Rome - as well as in Germany and many foreign dioceses - we would like to reach out to people, to understand their situation, their needs, and show them solution approaches in all financial matters in order to advise them comprehensively.

As a Christian bank, it was an obvious step for us to open our first agency abroad in Rome - the city where the Catholic Church occupies a very special place. Where you can so keenly feel the spirit that has imbued the Catholic Church for 2000 years. We feel at home here. Rome ist the heart and center of the Catholic Church and therefore the place where we wish to offer our services.

The bank was founded in Germany for institutions and employees of the Catholic Church. The bank's bond with its customers has evolved over more than 100 years. In practical terms, this means a trusting and long-term relationship. The Pax-Bank builds on a long and rich tradition. It has gathered extensive specialist know-how in the field of financial services for the church and is able to devise modern solutions. We are now making these skills available to customers in Rome.

Every new departure is a bold step. Stopping at national borders contradicts the ideas of Catholicism. We think globally - and act accordingly. As a tradition-conscious bank, we look forward. The Pax-Bank has always been innovative. This corporate philosophy has a future. We are looking forward to getting to know new people and being posed new tasks by them. We eagerly anticipate their contribution and our joint development.

As members of the board of management of the Pax-Bank, we would be proud to welcome you as our customer.