Why Pax-Bank?

10 good reasons to cooperate with Pax-Bank

Pax-Bank was founded in 1917 Germany for institutions and employees in the Catholic Church. The history of the Pax-Bank reads like a success story – and so it is. Of course, there were difficult times, but the Pax-Bank has always seen these as a challenge to take new approaches. For example, there were tasks which had to be overcome, such as the Great Depression, war or adjustment to German reunification.

On the other hand, special customers constantly require special products and customised solutions. The Pax-Bank has grown by meeting their challenges. It now employs a total of 170 staff in seven branches and its head office. The Pax-Bank has been given bold and committed people. They have shaped its history, taken the right decision at the right time. What has not changed in all the years of growth are the clear profile, the clear objectives, the Catholic customer structure - and this is to stay that way in future too.

1. Experienced and reliable

Pax-Bank offers the experience and the know-how of a specialized private bank which has worked for more than 100 years reliably for the Catholic Church.

2. Successful

Since decades Pax-Bank asserts itself successfully in the competition with other banks thanks to using modern technology, to motivated employees and to offering sophisticated and repeatedly awarded products. Without knowing and sharing the objectives and expectations of its ecclesiastical customers this would not have been possible: a stable and trustful business relation based on a long-term orientated thinking.

3. Catholic values

The Church needs excellent performance for their investments that cannot be contrary to their Christian values. Since 1917, Pax-Bank has achieved the balance between high performance and Christian values through its own philosophy: concentrating exclusively on Catholic institutions as its customers, Pax-Bank orientates its business objectives and products following Christian ideals. The entrusted capitals are invested with the Catholic Church in mind, with maximum responsibility and transparency. Investments which contravene Christian principles as well as our ethical-sustainable criteria are excluded. This we guarantee with our name.

4. Extensive and personal

Pax-Bank offers a wide range of financial services. Thus customers from the Church find everything they require for their financial matters at Pax-Bank. For smaller or larger assets, individual and competent consultation is guaranteed always.

5. Moderate and transparent

Pax-Bank applies a moderate and transparent system of commissions.

6. Safe and discreet

Pax-Bank offers the safety of a bank which is supervised by European governmental authorities. On the basis of the German confidentiality in banking Pax-Bank guarantees absolute discretion in the relationship with its clients.

7. Embedded but independent

Pax-Bank makes part of the Catholic network. Founded by Catholic Priests Pax-Bank nowadays is in the property of numerous ecclesiastical institutions, such as dioceses, parishes and religious orders. Thus its clients profit from the advantages of a well-informed but independently operating bank. By the way: Pax-Bank offers each institutional client the privilege to become a shareholder of Pax-Bank.

8. German Catholic relief organizations

Especially for your incomes from German Catholic relief works it is easier to cooperate with Pax-Bank since we are located in Cologne and in Aachen for example. And there are several German relief organizations such as Missio, Misereor, Adveniat, Kindermissionswerk "Die Sternsinger", Aid to the Church in Need, the department "Universal Church" of the Archdiocese of Cologne, Renovabis etc.

9. Money is mobile

Europe-wide: You can apply the new SEPA standards for transfers within the European Single Market. The new regulations of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA: "Single Euro Payments Area") make you benefit from the advantages because it makes the money transfers easier and quicker.
Pax-Bank is a member of the so-called GENO Group (Cooperative Bank Group), therefore you can place world-wide transfer order with Pax-Bank. (BIC / Swift code: GENODED1PAX). Pax-Bank supports the new SEPA procedures with its technical infrastructure.

10. All ways lead to Rome

Due to our office in Rome, the heart of the Catholic Church, it is not difficult to meet our bank specialists personally, even if you are not located in Germany.