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Important information: Phishing warning phone call

Criminals pretend to be bank employees on the phone

The criminals use a fake telephone number and claim to be calling on behalf of the customer's bank to assist with a supposed conversion of online banking to a security feature. In the course of the conversation, the fraudster carries out transfers and asks the customer to tell him the TAN he has received for confirmation. The fraudsters then use this TAN for a real-time transfer. Meanwhile, the customer himself is not active in online banking and is only in contact with the fraudster by phone. This means that the fraudsters have already gained access to the customer's account through a previous phishing action.

Do not respond to the demands and do not pass on any data or activation codes

Recipients of such telephone calls should not respond to the demands, but simply hang up. Our employees will never ask you for a PIN or TAN. Do not pass on any data or activation codes under any circumstances and do not send them via your online mailbox. In addition, always check the IBAN and the amount when releasing a TAN. If something seems strange, cancel the transaction and contact Pax-Bank eG directly.

If you have already disclosed your data, block your online banking immediately. Click on the following link "Block cards and online banking" for emergency numbers and further information. Please also contact your Pax-Bank eG.

The criminals claim to be calling on behalf of the customer's bank. The reason for the call is a system crash, which makes it necessary to give a TAN on the phone. In this way, the fraudsters try to carry out a change of address in the bank customer's online banking.