Our History

1917: The German Bishops’ Conference consents to the foundation of an independent savings and loan bank which is above all open to priests. In its very first year, the bank joins the Rhineland Association of Rural Co-operatives.

1929: Giro transactions increase in popularity. Confrères can also set up savings accounts for housekeepers, sisters and family members.

1932: Following Black Friday on New York’s Wall Street in 1929 and the German banking crisis, the Pax-Bank is attested that its profitability and liquidity have not suffered.

1944: On the occasion of its silver jubilee, the Pax-Bank records a net profit of 7800 Reichsmarks, despite the chaos of war, and pays a dividend of 5%. The bank is forced to move to a provisional office as a result of the air-raids.

1950: Individuals, parishes, monasteries and convents, children’s homes and hospitals increasingly make use of the Pax-Bank’s services. Things start looking up in post-war Germany. The German Mark becomes stabilised. The Pax-Bank has been training young bank employees for two years.

1958: The Pax-Bank opens its first branches: first of all in Essen, then in Aachen.

1967: On the occasion of its 50th jubilee, the Pax Spar- und Darlehenskasse eGmbH is renamed to Pax-Bank eG.

1980: The Trier branch is opened.

1985: Establishment of the Mainz branch. 1989: The first international bond fund “LIGA-Pax-Rent-Union” is launched. Four bond and equities funds are added in the next 11 years.

1991: After the opening of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the Pax-Bank looks eastwards: the first branch in Eastern Germany is opened in Erfurt.

1992: The Pax-Bank sets up a branch in the German capital Berlin.

1999: Preparations for the euro and the millennium changeover are running at full steam – the transition into the new millennium proceeds smoothly.

2000: The product range is being expanded: with its new company PB Assekuranzvermittlung GmbH, the Pax-Bank now offers all types of insurance service in Germany and abroad.

2001: The Pax-Bank sets up its first foreign representative office in Rome.

2005: Pax-Bank establishes the branch Foreign Clients.

2017: 100 years of Pax-Bank