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Complaints policy

Reflecting our image as a church bank and cooperative bank, we will always treat you - our customers and other interested parties - fairly. This applies additionally and especially to our complaints management.

We will of course always endeavour to provide our services in such a way that gives no cause for complaint. However, we recognise that mistakes caused by human error or technical failure can never be completely excluded. Nevertheless, we aspire to identify and eliminate weak points as far as possible. We are therefore open to your criticism and suggestions.

Complaints received by us are examined without reservation and in the spirit of a fair balance of interests. Please do not hesitate to raise concerns or complaints. Regardless of whether the reason is attributable to human error or technical failure for which we are responsible or not, what is important to us is your subjective perception as a customer of our bank. This is how we discover possible problems and it provides us with the opportunity to find a solution or simply clear up a misunderstanding.

It is up to you in which form and by which means of communication (verbally, in writing, by fax, or by e-mail) you bring a complaint, suggestion or notice to our attention. Of course, it is also up to you to whom you address a complaint. However, we recommend that you first contact the place where the incident in question took place. In most cases, this will be your customer advisor or your account manager. Generally speaking, you can be helped most quickly and efficiently due to the business processes known there and the relevant facts. However, you are also welcome to contact our central complaints department at the address below:

Pax-Bank eG
Abteilung Recht & Compliance
Christophstrasse 35
50670 Köln

In any event, we will deal with your complaint as quickly as possible and provide a response to you. If your complaint takes a little longer to process, for example because other departments in the bank or external service providers need to be involved, you will receive a prompt confirmation of receipt of your complaint and a notification of the outcome as soon as possible. We aim to respond within three weeks at the latest. If this is not possible in exceptional cases, we will inform you of this and the reason for the delay in an interim response. At the same time, we will inform you when the processing of your complaint is expected to be completed.

After processing is complete, you will promptly receive a comprehensive response to your complaint.