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Welcome to the Foreign Clients branch of Pax-Bank!

Founded by Catholic priests in the year 1917 as a self-help organization of the Catholic Church in Cologne/Germany, Pax-Bank has offered its banking products and services exclusively to Christian institutions for 100 years now. Being organized as a cooperative business Pax-Bank mainly is in the property of the German Catholic dioceses nowadays.

Pax-Bank knows and shares the values and objectives of its ecclesiastical clientele. It can offer customized products meeting the needs of the different institutions of the Church. We would like to offer you the opportunity to benefit from our experience as a bank working for the Church. No matter if it is carrying out international payment transactions or short-term or long-term productive investments: Pax-Bank always offers its clients an exclusive service at competitive rates. On demand, we are also prepared to work out individual solutions for an old age pension schemes for the members of religious institutes or dioceses.

Electronic banking products facilitate a reliable and cost-effective way to place orders to Pax-Bank from almost any country in the world.

Pax-Bank invests the entrusted clients’ funds following ethical and social responsibility criteria which are in line with Christian ideals, such as e.g. Socially Responsible Investment Funds or Microfinance Funds. Multiple awards given to Pax-Bank provide striking evidence that a big claim for social responsibility is not a contrast to a good performance.

Pax-Bank is pursuing the objective to offer its products to an international coustumer base. In 2001 it opened a representative office in Rome. Additionally, the foreign clients branch, located in the headquarters in Cologne, supports Pax-Bank clients from all over the world.

We are convinced that we can offer you products and services that will arouse your interest in Pax-Bank.

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