Old age pension scheme

How is it possible to create an old-age pension scheme for Priests / members of religious institutes?

Different ecclesiastical institutions addressed this question to us – the Pax Bank branch Foreign Clients. By using a self-created concept it is possible to submit an offer for a fund based old-age pension scheme, which meets the individual needs of every religious institute.

First of all, it is essential to calculate the necessary amount of capital for every member of the religious institute at the begin of his quasi retirement (religious are not officially retired). For this calculation the date of birth, the gender, the retirement age which is established in the community and the amount of the requested rent are needed.

Based on the current life span table it is possible – building on modifiable assumptions – to ascertain the annual deposit rate or the amount of the initial deposit. Graphics make the complex calculation more comprehensible and admit consideration of different influences (for example the expected inflation rate or the assumed performance rate).

A diversified collection of funds is available according to individual risk preferences. We are able to offer our calculations in different languages: English, French, Italian and German.